Understanding users

How do you satisfy the needs of the deep specialist as well as the more general, non-analyst user? Our team analyzes these needs and behaviors to create the brief for our data scientists and engineers. The result is a system that works for all of its users.

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Key contact

Simon Willmore

Head of Mission Systems/Head of Technical Information & Documentation

Bath, United Kingdom

+44 (0)1225 473600 space@bmtglobal.com

Software development

Our software solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each of our customers and their users. To maximise the benefit for our customers, we put their users at the heart of everything we do, to develop software that directly addresses their needs. We start with understanding the requirements, build quickly, test and iterate our work based on continuous feedback. Through the development  of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), visualisation and 3D tools, we create software that users can truly engage with.


BMT’s breadth of experience and our independence is what sets us apart. We’ve worked with a wide variety of government departments and some of the best known organisations to solve some of their toughest digital challenges. Our solutions have included digital services and mobile apps  through to Big Data analytics. We are solution agnostic, meaning we’re unbiased towards the use of different technology tools to solve problems.  With no ‘one size fits all' approach to software development, we choose the right solution for our customers from open source to licensed technology.