Naval material assurance

Applying a robust framework for naval material assurance can save a great deal of time and cost and improve program performance

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Naval material assurance

Naval material assurance (NMA) provides a framework to help achieve the required design standards for safety, environment, operability, supportability, affordability and program.  The framework helps to guide project teams as they collate the evidence for assurance and consider that evidence holistically.

In partnership with Lloyd's Register, we’ve allied with the United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence to support them in developing, managing and enhancing an NMA framework for naval ship specifications, standards and assurance.  The framework, however, is generic enough that it can be tailored to any nation's domestic requirements.

A robust NMA framework provides the following benefits:

Improved performance

Improved accuracy of application that leads to the clear communication of naval requirements. As the framework is maintained by industry, it is benchmarked against best merchant practice, which also means that it is continually updated with industry experience.

Reduced cost

The NMA framework eliminates gaps and overlaps between purely merchant practice and traditional naval practice. This reduces risk, supports early acceptance and avoids costly modifications to ships once in service.

Time savings

A simplified framework that depends on fewer key publications is one that reduces time in several ways.  Customers can select options more quickly, the framework is easier and quicker to apply during design and construction, and assurance organizations can review and confirm compliance more easily.  These time savings translate directly into cost savings.

We provide Naval material assurance that gives our customers both a framework for regulatory and design programs and independent verification services that ensure platforms conform to operational standards.