Information technology services

We offer skilled and capable professional services to support secure, responsive, reliable and effective information technology and services.

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Information technology services

Information technology and systems continue to become a more integral part of our world. Government and commercial organizations must protect information and manage risks to their networks and systems. Threats to information security are becoming increasingly sophisticated, requiring diligence in maintaining an effective, modern and secure information environment.

We employ a capable, experienced and diverse team of IT professionals that can support a wide range of information technology and information assurance requirements. Our services include:

Web Development

Our employees are experienced in creating internet, intranet and extranet sites; maintaining and supporting e-commerce sites; and managing web-based applications with such tools as Amazon Web Services (AWS), SharePoint, Microsoft’s .NET platform, ColdFusion, Active Serve Pages (ASP), JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Database Management

Our team helps customers manage data from design to implementation. They also monitor and tune databases for optimal performance and archiving of data, analyze business data requirements, maintain and manage data models, and provide critical support to application development cycles.

Application Software Development

Our development processes address the full software lifecycle, including requirement analysis, architecture design, project planning, development, testing, quality assurance, training, maintenance, technical support, product enhancement and service release management.

Information Assurance

Our expert IA analysts encompass a broad spectrum of defense measures and are ready to help address security requirements and manage the risks associated with information systems and networks. We have a wealth of experience in hardening networks, performing Security Test and Evaluations (ST&Es) and completing full accreditation packages. Our employees are DoD Instruction 8570-approved, maintain appropriate certifications and are experienced in supporting U.S. Government and DoD customers through the accreditation processes necessary to receive full Authority to Operate (ATO).