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Fleet lifecycle and logistics services

We offer expert teams and services to help owners and operators in assuring the reliability, availability, and maintainability of marine assets through their entire lifecycle.

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Fleet owners and operators have a strong incentive to maximise assets’ reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) for their missions. This imperative is inextricably tied to the bottom line - if a vessel supported isn’t operating or is difficult or costly to maintain, it’s a drain on organisational resources. Other essential considerations can also drive RAM requirements, such as keeping Coast Guard or Naval assets in the field to deliver on defence and security missions.

In many cases, downtime due to maintenance, repair or other activities can be counted. In other circumstances, unplanned failures can occur which threaten to upend even the most carefully planned operations. In all cases, a holistic view of a fleet or asset’s lifecycle can help owners understand, design, and carry out sustainment work in a way that maximises availability and operational performance.

We have developed and implemented fleet lifecycle management and integrated logistics (ILS) programs that have delivered measurable results in asset availability, maintenance hours and failure rates. We build in well-documented systems, processes and tools that continuously drive improvement, keep RAM considerations at the core of acquisition and design, and deliver new efficiencies and value. We can provide ILS and support services for new investments and work within existing systems and assets at any point in their life cycle.

Our lifecycle management capabilities include:

  • Certified Reliability & Maintenance Professionals
  • Port Engineer consultation
  • Development of personal qualification standards
  • Process automation
  • Modelling/simulation
  • Rotatable pool management
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) development
  • Industrial controls grooming and maintenance
  • Test program and plan development
  • Technical data package development (specifications, drawings, etc.)
  • Operator handbook and troubleshooting guide development
  • Maintenance Effectiveness Reviews (MERs)
  • Maintenance program development and assessments
  • Training products and services