Environmental research, consultancy and marine protection

We advise on environmental, legislative and compliance issues, bringing insight from the hundreds of statutory assessments we have completed.

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Philip Haines

Managing Director, Water & Environment/Senior Principal Engineer

Brisbane, Australia

+61 (0) 7 3831 6744 environment@bmtglobal.com

From engineering design, economic development and resource optimisation to protection of ecosystems, training, legislation and policy development, we take a balanced approach that adds real value your projects. 

    We have the knowledge and experience to support your projects and can advise you on:

    • Development of environmental management policies and systems (EMS)
    • Environmental impact screening, scoping and assessment (EISS / EIA)
    • Implementation of sustainability practices in your design and procurement processes
    • Independent supply chain analysis and minimising waste
    • Statutory compliance auditing across a range of health, safety and environment (HSE) issues
    • Waste management services

    We identify and mitigate potential environmental risks or meet the needs of regulators and licencing authorities, by keeping abreast of environmental protection legislation and compliance obligations through regular:

    • Involvement in independent EMS audits against ISO14001 requirements
    • Development of environmental management policy and systems (EMS)
    • Engagement in global policy and legislative forums
    • High quality modelling and monitoring activities
    • Production and management of environmental case reports
    • Review of worldwide legislation and compliance requirements
    • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
    • Technology developments

      Environmental impact assessments

      Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) include Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA) for response and remediation projects (both on land and at sea). 

      We deliver value throughout any design phase, ensuring your proposed project will meet the exacting and changing standards required by regulators.

      BMT DEEP

      Accurate decision-making information and greater insights into the environmental footprint of proposed operations and structures.

      Environmental management systems (EMS)

      We can support you with the development of Environmental Management Systems (EMS), ensuring a sustainable approach across all activities to help realise sustainable strategies.

      We develop, implement and audit EMS using ISO 14001 standards.

      How we apply our environmental management credentials