Aquatic ecosystem sampling and analysis

Frameworks for aquatic and catchment ecology

We offer specialist consulting services emphasising quantitative field surveys and modelling and have a long history of providing innovative solutions to industry, government authorities and environmental managers.

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Human activities significantly impact terrestrial, aquatic, and marine habitats, including extinction, land degradation, and associated effects on the economy.

We are experienced in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecological investigations and using this information to support your needs.

We focus on sustainable land, vegetation, and biodiversity management, which can be achieved only with long-term strategic and integrated thinking, underpinned by scientific solid investigations and evidence.

Healthy catchments, watersheds and adjacent wetland and riparian vegetation areas are essential to healthy aquatic ecosystems.  For these critical environments, we offer the following flora and fauna survey design, implementation, and assessment services:

  • Flora and fauna species and community surveys
  • Habitat quality assessments using biological indicators
  • Instream flora (macrophyte) and fauna (invertebrate and fish) surveys
  • Regional biodiversity inventories
  • Riparian and wetland vegetation and fauna surveys
  • Stream habitat quality assessments using domestic and international standards for assessment
  • Wetland mapping and inventories
  • Wetland mapping and regional biodiversity inventories


We are committed to developing evidence-based strategies which ensure sustainable use of our finite global resources.

Survey and monitoring program design

We have a comprehensive range of technical capabilities and competencies in the following areas:

  • Marine assessments
    including measurements of sediment and sewage mapping using isotope analysis
  • Intertidal marine plant, habitat, and fauna surveys
    including habitat mapping based on remote imagery, quantitative sampling of flora and fauna, and habitat condition assessments
  • Subtidal habitat, plankton, and benthic community surveys
    sonar-based seabed habitat mapping; sampling of seagrass, reefs, and soft-sediment fauna; grab sampling of sediments and benthic fauna; diver-based sampling methods; remotely operated vehicle (ROV) deployment and a comprehensive range of fish sampling apparatus
  • Targeted vegetation and threatened fauna species assessments
    including fish, marine reptiles, and mammal surveys
  • Fish community and fisheries surveys
    using the latest technologies, including baited remote underwater video systems
  • Environmental impact prediction
    particularly in the context of the interpretation of water quality modelling outputs
  • Monitoring program design, data analysis and management
    including the design and development of reactive and proactive monitoring programs, statistical analysis, GIS-based data analyses, database development and data storage
  • Commercial SCUBA divers and coxswains
    supported by a comprehensive suite of ­eld sampling equipment that includes three research vessels

Freshwater ecological assessments

We provide freshwater ecology consulting services and aim to address your needs by applying advanced assessment methodologies, critical analysis, and rigorous design. We supply innovative and practical solutions supported by comprehensive field data, sophisticated modelling and advance GIS analyses and presentation

Specialised professional services

  • Environmental impact statements
  • Baseline studies and constraints assessments
  • Infrastructure planning studies
  • Outfall pollutant loads environmental assessments
  • Monitoring programs development and implementation
  • Protected area planning and management
  • Environmental research
  • Climate change assessments

Areas of technical expertise

  • Aquatic ecosystem health assessments
  • Aquatic monitoring program design and implementation
  • Aquatic ecosystem health assessments
  • Analyses of statistical patterns and SIGNAL and PET indices

Aquatic vertebrate fauna assessment

  • Inventory and assessment of freshwater fish
  • Targeted threatened aquatic fauna species assessments
  • Underwater video-based survey methodologies
  • Removal of feral fish

Habitat assessments

  • Riparian and aquatic vegetation surveys and condition assessment
  • Instream habitat condition assessment
  • Creek and lakebed habitat and bathymetry mapping using acoustic techniques

Ecosystem processes

  • Daily respiration and gross primary production
  • Stable isotope analysis (δ13C and δ 15N)

Water and sediment parameters

  • In-situ water quality assessment and sample collection.
  • Real-time water quality monitoring
  • Toxic effects of sediment chemicals on the aquatic and terrestrial environment

Marine ecological assessments

We offer marine flora and fauna survey design, implementation, and analysis services across a broad range of aquatic habitats such as seagrass, mangroves, corals, and important marine species and groups such as fisheries and megafauna such as turtles and cetaceans.

Marine flora and fauna monitoring programs

We offer specialist consulting services emphasising quantitative field surveys and modelling and have a long history of providing innovative solutions to industry, government authorities and environmental managers.

  • Environmental impact assessments, particularly for port and coastal developments
  • Environmental monitoring program design and implementation
  • Baseline mapping, ecological inventories, and strategic environmental assessments
  • Third-party reviews and strategic advice to government and industry partners
  • Marine pest inspections

    Rapid response surveys

    We respond rapidly to emergencies, including ship groundings and unplanned discharges. We are responsive and design monitoring programs and collect meaningful data, no matter the size of the crisis nor the remoteness of the impacted area.

    Wetland assessment and management

    We are leaders in wetland and waterway management and rehabilitation strategy development, having completed over 50 wetland and waterway management projects. Over time, our wetlands and waterways have been extensively modified by humans. Rehabilitation works provide the opportunity to re-establish the biodiversity, social and economic supplied by rivers and wetlands.

    We provide high quality, effective and timely rehabilitation and management advice:

    • Holistic scientific, engineering, and environmental management solutions throughout the project lifecycle, including rehabilitation works, modelling management plan development, biodiversity o‑set calculations, environmental permitting, and monitoring
    • Our comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements regarding wetland and waterway rehabilitation works across a range of jurisdictions.
    • Leading-edge models for rehabilitation works, including pollutant source identification and water quality improvements for different management scenarios
    • Our ability to work closely with you through all project stages and undertake community and stakeholder engagement

    Our environment

    We deliver environmental risk assessments to the aquatic ecosystem from waste discharges.