Secure software development

An agile approach to develop and support software solutions from web and mobile applications to management systems and platforms.

We work in a secure environment to provide solutions that meet your requirements to add benefits and deliver value for money.  We have an exceptional track record of delivering a diverse range of software projects, and we draw on our expertise of human factors, data analysis, UI and GIS, cyber security and security testing to create tailor-made software solutions that deliver real business value.

Agile software development

We provide effective research and stakeholder engagement to keep everyone focused on user needs and business value, and we use rapid prototyping to demonstrate ideas and test assumptions quickly. While flexible in our application of Agile frameworks, we have significant experience following Scrum and working to GDS standards, delivering a range of digital services across Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live phases.


Predictive Maintenance

Assessing the integrity and operation of your asset is easier with BMT DEEP, providing a more cost-effective and safer assessment.

Digital solutions

Not only do we deliver digital solutions that are tailored to meet your needs, but they’re delivered on time and to budget. We develop software that directly addresses your requirements to provide the maximum possible benefit.

We begin by understanding your requirements, then build quickly and test and iterate our work based on continuous feedback to create genuinely engaging software using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), visualisation, and 3D tools.

Our independence and breadth of experience set us apart, and we work with a wide variety of government departments and world-class international organisations to solve the toughest digital challenges. Our solutions have included digital services and mobile apps as well as Big Data analytics. 

We’re “solution agnostic” and free of any bias about using different technology tools to solve problems. We avoid the  ‘one size fits all” approach to software development, and ensure we choose the right solution for you from open source to licensed technology.

Safe, secure, reliable

We’re trusted by the world’s leading armed forces and security services with the most sensitive information because our data handling procedures and storage are highly secure, safe, and reliable. Our secure systems, processes, and development environments and security clearances ensure that we manage classified information and sensitive data with outstanding care.

Ongoing support

We take security seriously and offer secure cloud hosting and deployment to help ensure that your software and data are safe, while our responsive helpdesk supports our cloud-based services to ensure your business is maintained.