Advanced simulation services

Advanced simulation services

We specialise in the mathematical modelling and simulation of engineering problems related to surface and underground mining equipment. This helps our customers to safely and accurately assess operational issues prior to implementation.

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Advanced simulation services

We help to optimise efficiencies, maximise investments and reduce risk through all phases of the project life cycle using leading edge software and computing hardware to provide rapid answers to complex problems:

  • stress analysis
  • fluid flows
  • particle dynamics
  • heat transfer
  • structural and drive dynamics
  • control systems

We help you improve productivity while reducing downtime.


Finite element analysis 2

Finite element analysis (FEA)

We use a range of powerful in-house and proprietary FEA software tools to analyse complex machine structures and components for stress, deflection, buckling, and fatigue. This provides an efficient and reliable way of identifying, addressing and mitigating problems to reduce downtime, increase safety and boost productivity. Our experience of applying FEA within the mining sector includes state-of-the-art analysis of conveyor dynamics.

Computational fluid dynamics 2

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

CFD is the science of using computer programs to solve problems involving fluid flows - and we have a well-earned reputation as pioneers in this field. Our powerful CFD software assesses flow problems, with turbulent or laminar flow, either compressible or incompressible, as an aid to calculating flow rates, pressure drops and drag coefficients. Our services range from initial design reviews to alternative design recommendations and appraisals.

Discreet element modelling 2

Discrete element modelling (DEM)

By modelling the interaction between individual particles and boundaries to predict bulk solids' behaviour, DEM can help mining operators improve designs and anticipate problems. DEM modelling is especially beneficial for designing conveyor transfer chutes to improve the flow of material through complex transfers. Our powerful DEM software offers you valuable insight into areas such as blockage potential, spills, off-centred loading, and excessive wear. Our skilled experts use DEM to support comprehensive investigations, design analyses and re-design services.

Structural dynamic fatigue 2

Structural dynamics/fatigue analysis

Our powerful software tools and specialist staff help customers to successfully analyse problems involving mining machine structures. We can apply a range of FEA software packages to analyse complex machine structures and components for stress, deflection, buckling, fatigue, structural dynamics and related assessments. Examples include state-of-the-art analysis for conveyor dynamics, which help our customers to unlock greater productivity and minimise downtime.

Blast simulation

As pioneers in the development and application of computational fluid dynamics we have created a CFD code to calculate the dynamic evolution and suppression of dust explosions. This helps customers to more accurately model blast explosions, enabling them to better manage and mitigate such events. We have extensive experience in handling underground coal dust explosion and suppression.