Gender equality

BMT Consulting Women Programme

We are dedicated to improving the development of women in leadership, and the BMT Consulting Women Programme is just one example of that dedication in action. Designed to increase the presence and representation of women in leadership positions within our organisation, it has helped equip those that attend with the skills and competencies they need as they mature their careers and progress to more senior roles. Personal development is central to the programme, with participants being helped to understand and apply their unique strengths to their teams and increase their individual impact.

"Everyone leads from a different set of personal strengths; I have a far greater appreciation and confidence in my strengths to lead and help others."
"Gained an in-depth understanding of my core strengths that helped reinstate my confidence in myself and learnt the approach of focusing on utilising them to excel in life."

Women in defence

We’re proud to be signatories of the Women in Defence Charter, dedicated to equal opportunity in the defence and security industries. Since its inception in 2011, it has made a concerted effort to make defence a better place for women.

It has grown into a community that celebrates and recognises the achievements of individuals, teams and organisations working in the security of the UK. As signatories, we’re committed to driving inclusion and diversity within our organisation and providing opportunities for women to succeed at all levels. 

Women in Defence Charter logo

Gender pay gap

We’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome and can give their best. We believe in our responsibility to improve our gender diversity and close the gender pay gap. That’s why we produce regular gender pay gap reports, and we invest in initiatives that encourage greater diversity in our professions.  

The gender pay gap is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men. Introduced in 2017, the UK government requires employers with a headcount of 250 employees or more, including the public sector, to publish their gender pay gap and gender bonus gap annually.

This is a mandatory requirement that forms part of the Gender Pay Gap Regulations, otherwise known as the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. In the UK, Defence and Security UK Limited (DAS UK) is the only legal entity that meet the reporting requirements, and here we share with you their latest report.