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Zyndie Wai, People Business Partner

The varied people work, each day brings something new. I also work with great colleagues locally and globally who are brilliant and supportive to work with.

Zyndie Wai, HR Business Partner

How long have you worked at BMT?

I joined BMT in October 2020.

What keeps you engaged?

As a first-time parent the flexible working arrangement has enabled me to work from home, I have been able to create a balance between work and family life. There are many companies that still places emphasis on employees working in office location, I am so glad BMT values the families of its employees by allowing such arrangements. It is great to know I will be able to witness and celebrate my child’s various milestones while working with BMT.

What makes your work meaningful?

I think I am particularly happy when I manage to successfully put the right people in the right positions and support employees to grow within their role. The people team is the bridge between the employer and employees. When I see a good employee engagement score, I know that I have done something right for both the business and the employees, and that to me is what I find meaningful.

How would you describe our culture?

Family oriented yet at the same time focused on achieving business goals. At BMT we have employees who are so successful and knowledgeable, though at the same time remain family focused. With employee wellbeing being one of the key pillars of the business culture, I find it not surprising that we have several long service award winners who has been with the organisation for more than 20 to 30 years.

What excites you about your future at BMT

The opportunity to continue doing what I enjoy, growing and developing in my role and yet at the same time being able to be a present for my family.

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