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Teddington, United Kingdom

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Embracing Sustainability

Through science, technology, and engineering, we are embracing sustainability across the entirety of our business to make a real difference. We see global challenges as opportunities to support our customers in managing their impact and becoming more resilient. We are also on a mission to improve how we operate as a business, so that we can lead by best practice, and have a positive impact on the environment and our local communities.

The evidence of our impact on the earth is undeniable… and ever increasing. As our population keeps growing and our aspirations grow along with it, we can no longer pretend that these far-reaching challenges will not affect our world, our society and ultimately, our ability to operate in it.

As a science, technology, and engineering company we use our wealth of knowledge and expertise to help our customers in their response to global challenges across renewable energy, climate resilience, resource use, biodiversity, & emissions reduction. We are also supporting organisations transform their approach to sustainability, so they can be more responsible, competitive, and better positioned for the future.

There are many more ways we must collaborate to increase the positive impact that business is having on the environment and society. If you are also on a journey to improve your social and environmental impact, we would love to hear from you.

Foundations for Sustainable Growth

BMT Sustainability Report | 2019/20

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Our People

At BMT we can have a positive impact on the environment beyond the projects we deliver and the offices we visit. Here we share how our employees have been having a positive impact on the environment. You may learn some useful hints and tips so that you can get involved at home!

Our Communities

BMT Giveback 

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we launched a new and unique initiative, BMT Giveback, challenging our staff to provide positive engineering solutions to global problems. Given the organisation’s pedigree in conceptualising and delivering world class projects, it was no surprise that our employees around the world applied their skills, knowledge and ingenuity to identify new ways to address problems that impact negatively on people's lives.

Criteria states that any solution should use the knowledge, expertise and skills of our employees and focus on developing countries, perhaps addressing issues such as flooding, drought, housing, sanitation, energy supply and food production to name just a few.

To date, we have completed two projects. Our first saw the installation of a sewerage system in a village in India and the second, a bridge being built from the mainland to an island housing a small community in Indonesia.