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What is a Digital Twin? What are the key enabling aspects? What value can Digital Twins bring?

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Series 1, Episode 2:– Digital Twins in Policing

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of physical assets, processes / people / places / systems / devices that when fed or provided with real-world data enables effective decision making to optimise the performance and utility of the system of interest. In this podcast, we speak to Christian Ellis, Justice and Security Lead Consultant about how these new technologies are changing the future of policing.

Series 1, Episode 3: Innovation and Digital Transformation

Innovation is at the heart of digital transformation. In episode 3 of our series on digital transformation we discuss the importance of creating a culture of innovation and what it takes to achieve this, including the impact of leadership, investment, processes, and people.

Series 1, Episode 1: Retooling for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this episode of our new podcast series, we talk to Richard Westgarth, Head of Campaigns at BMT about digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution. We talk about how the dynamic if not turbulent future we’re facing is going to start to fundamentally change modern organisations and how this rate of change may catch some organisations by surprise.

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