Bunbury Ocean Outfall Monitoring (BOOM) Program

We have been engaged by Water Corporation since 2011 to oversee this multidimensional marine quality monitoring program.


We have been engaged by Water Corporation since 2011 to oversee this multidisciplinary marine quality monitoring program.

Ocean disposal of treated wastewater from the Bunbury wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) commenced in July 2002. The Bunbury WWTP services the greater City of Bunbury, receiving nearly 8 million litres of primarily domestic wastewater daily.

Water Corporation has a requirement to ensure that the discharge of treated wastewater (TWW) to the marine environment is environmentally sustainable and appropriately managed for the protection of ecosystem and social values. In particular, the waters around Bunbury are highly valued for their diverse range of benthic assemblages, productivity and fishing, and primary and secondary contact values. 


Water Corporation is informed about the performance of their sustainable management of the marine environment through the BOOM Program. We have been engaged by Water Corporation since 2011 to oversee this monitoring.

Sampling is undertaken three times per year (January, February and March) at a series of fixed compliance and reference sites and at sites located at set distances down-current of the ocean outlet. On each sampling occasion, a surface drogue is deployed over the centre of the operational ocean outlet diffuser and retrieved approximately 30 minutes later. The information is used to provide a directional vector that determines the location of sample sites down-current of the ocean outlet.


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