Hydrogen Plant Explosion and Vent Gas Dispersion Assessments

We were commissioned by an International Gas Supplier to conduct an Explosion Impact and Vent Dispersion study for three proposed hydrogen plants to assess the explosion overpressure impacts due to catastrophic failure of selected equipment.


We were commissioned by an international industrial gas supplier to assess the explosion overpressure impacts due to the catastrophic failure of selected equipment for three proposed hydrogen plants across Southeast Asia.

The customer plans to construct the following new hydrogen plants within three different petrochemical plants, located in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines:


Through the delivery of an explosion impact and vent dispersion study we undertook the following:


Several recommendations were raised for the customer’s consideration to improve the safety of the proposed hydrogen plants, which include equipment design review, re-location of critical infrastructure, and other safety measures.

Consequence modelling simulations with detailed illustrations were presented to the client to facilitate their understanding of the study basis and results.

Additionally, we provided frequency assessments to be performed for scenarios with consequence results. This presented a more realistic and complete view of explosion risks considering both the severity and likelihood of occurrence, which assisted the customer in deciding the appropriate course of action.


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