Public Water Transport Study, Dubai

BMT reviewed the operational feasibility of an extended ferry route along the full length of the Dubai Creek.

The Requirement

BMT supported Parsons Brinckerhoff in reviewing how an extended ferry route could operate along the full length of the Dubai Creek after the planned replacement of the Floating Bridge by a crossing, permitting unrestricted access. 

What We Delivered

A methodology for site selection of potential terminal sites was developed, and five new terminal locations and a landing facility for special events were identified. The study included:

Outcome and Benefits

SustainabilityThe ferry fleet was closely matched to the forecast ridership to ensure that an appropriate provision of service was provided, without over investment in systems.

InnovationThe pier network was developed as a modular “kit of parts” that would ensure consistency of passenger navigation through different stations, minimise CAPEX through common specifications, and provide ease of expandability.

Added Value The study provided early foresight on the opportunity, costs and constraints associated with the extension of ferry services into the creek.

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