Rochelle Field Development Support

BMT's multi-disciplinary team continues to provide environmental support for the Rochelle field development on behalf of Endeavour Energy UK Ltd.

BMT's multi-disciplinary team continues to provide environmental support for the Rochelle field development on behalf of Endeavour Energy UK Ltd.

This has included a number of environmental licences, permits and authorisations.

To date, two Environmental Statements (ES), an Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (OPEP), (plus supporting justification document), and  PON15 permit for drilling, have been approved or are submitted pending approval to the regulatory authority (DECC).

The Rochelle field is a gas condensate reservoir that lies 115km from the UK coastline in the Central North Sea, at a depth of 14m.

Initially an ES was prepared for two wells (production and contingency wells) in the proposed Rochelle field development area.  The production well was to be tied back to the Scott platform via a 30km of pipeline; then the gas exported via SAGE (Scottish Area Gas Evacuation system) to St Fergus. 

BMT has experience of providing environmental advice, support and technical solutions and services for the oil and gas industry both in the UK and internationally.

We can help to ensure adherence to environmental regulations and corporate standards.

Our experienced team assesses environmental impacts, prepares environmental statements, compiles information in support of project applications and calculates energy use and gaseous emissions.

BMT has conducted numerous statutory environmental assessments for oil and gas projects.

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