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Our products

The products we develop in-house draw on our extensive experience in the field and support you to deliver better, safer, faster and more efficient outcomes.


The cloud-based data analysis platform that stores, manages, integrates, post-processes, and displays vast data sets fast.


We offer the smart way to upgrade tubular boom clusters and extend the life of your draglines.

BMT Flawcheck - Structural integrity assessment tool

Designed to support the development and implementation of integrity assurance and maintenance programs for metal structures.

FloodIntel : Turning flood data into flood intelligence

Our customisable and interactive web interface revolutionises the way users receive, analyse and interpret flood information for past, current, near future and what-if scenarios.


Our third-generation independent remote monitoring system for offshore assets.

Monitor your Vessel's Condition with MATE™

MATE™ helps to improve operational efficiency and manage risk.

BMT REMBRANDT: ship simulation

Our industry leading ship simulator helps users to safely plan, train and prepare for complex manoeuvres at sea or in port. Applications range from port feasibility, design and evaluation studies to marine incident investigation and bespoke training.

SARIS: search and rescue

Our search and rescue software helps save lives. It combines the experience of world coastguard agencies with our expertise in marine environmental software systems.

ShipmoPC - seakeeping predictions software

ShipmoPC is a widely-used and extensively validated seakeeping software package that provides comprehensive ship motion and load predictions and analysis.


Our unique operational simulation software. Construct an oil and gas field model or process, then simulate the operation over time.


Industry leading hydraulic modelling software for flood, urban drainage, estuarine and coastal assessments.