Our third-generation independent remote monitoring system for offshore assets.

A self-powered black box solution for remote monitoring and communication with offshore drilling rigs and production platforms, IRMS operates via a web-based graphical user interface.

The ability to monitor environmental conditions and the dynamic performance of deepwater facilities during extreme offshore conditions is becoming increasingly important.

IRMS allows operators to maintain communications with the asset during abandonment and receive critical environmental and performance data in real-time along with video and still image capture of actual conditions on the facility.

The system automatically transmits high quality dynamic and ecological performance data to provide stakeholders and technical experts with operational decision-making tools and assist with risk analysis following re-boarding operations.

IRMS Features

  • Fully independent system; does not require any integration with platform/vessel power and communications infrastructure
  • Operational in extreme storm conditions
  • Web-based access to near real-time offshore data and imagery
  • Fully configurable to custom specifications. Standard sensors include monitoring of pitch, roll, surge, sway, heave, yaw, position, wind speed, wind direction barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and battery condition
  • Environmental and platform response data stored on both offshore IRMS computer and dedicated web server
  • Color imagery frequently transmitted to shore in still image, video formats and high-frequency records from offshore cameras stored ready for download post evacuation
  • Remote communications with shore base using integrated satellite transmission system
  • Near real-time data collected during extreme events transmitted to shore for instant evaluation
  • Data summary and trending plots automatically generated and displayed on user interface screens
  • Independent power supply from internal batteries and solar charging system
  • Ability to communicate with and control IRMS from shore via web-based graphical user interface
  • Satellite positioning systems to track offset and to locate loose rigs during and after a storm
  • Easily mounted instrument sub-frame using bolted deck plate assembly, no offshore welding required for installation of any system components—allows system portability and option of re-deployment
  • Compact deck footprint of 60” x 24” (1524mm x 610mm) includes main module and full instrument array