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BMT’s RAMtr@ck Becomes System of Choice for Swedish Armed Forces


Leopard tankBMT Reliability Consultants (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has announced its latest contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).  This will include the organisation’s robust and intuitive, management information system, RAMtr@ck, which will deliver total visibility of the utilisation and performance of over 15,000 high value training and simulation assets. 

Niclas von Rothstein at FMV comments: “We are pleased to renew our association with BMT and its RAMtr@ck tool. BMT’s knowledge and expertise coupled with the use of its unique RAMtr@ck tool provides valuable assistance to us in managing our training assets and improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our training activities.” 

To date, all stakeholders involved in the procurement, operation and support of the equipment have used BMT’s web-enabled system to measure the in-service performance of training and simulation systems being used, such as FMV’s Leopard II Main Battle Tank Turret Trainers and Command Team Trainer and the CV90 armoured vehicle trainer.  This contract has now been extended to cover an additional portfolio of assets which include FMV’s Live Firing Ranges, of which there are more than 140 distributed across 19 wide-spread geographical locations in Sweden.

Bob Stone, Managing Consultant at BMT Reliability Consultants comments: “To be able to further strengthen our partnership with FMV and see RAMtr@ck become the preferred data collection and analysis system for all training and simulation equipment is a huge achievement – one which we are very proud of.  We continue to work closely with FMV to ensure their resources are being utilised efficiently.”

RAMtr@ck provides an intuitive and user-friendly electronic data repository.  This enables instructors, operators and maintainers to record, in real-time, system usage and incidents in a straightforward way.  As well as delivering utilisation, reliability and availability data, RAMtr@ck delivers an asset management capability.  It provides FMV with real-time information related to the whereabouts of its assets at any given time, asset and range utilisation, and details associated with the occurrence of all incidents (failures/defects).  Contractors responsible for asset repair also employ RAMtr@ck to provide update reports on the repairs they are undertaking and their performance against the contractually-agreed ‘pipeline’ KPIs.  In turn, FMV is able to maintain control of its assets. 

Andrew Cooper, Managing Director of BMT Reliability Consultants explains: “Our ability to provide impartial data through a robust and user friendly platform, coupled with our deep understanding of the complex environment FMV operates within, has allowed us to play a critical role in delivering total visibility of equipment performance.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with FMV."

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