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BMT Delivers Quantitative Risk Assessment for New Prime Evolue Singapore Facility


BMT AP Singapore 1Singapore based, BMT Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has completed a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for a proposed new production facility on Jurong Island, Singapore which will manufacture metallocene-catayst Linear Low Density Polyethylene (m-LLPDE).  Commonly used for various packaging materials, the m-LLPDE facility is being constructed by Prime Evolue Singapore (PES), a joint venture between Prime Polymer and Mitsui & Co.

BMT AP Singapore 2As part of the regulatory requirements in Singapore, PES had to conduct the appropriate hazard impact studies to identify and assess the potential risks to the wider population, associated with the proposed m-LLPDE production facility.  As an approved QRA consultant, BMT provided knowledge and guidance to help PES effectively liaise with the relevant authorities and provide the necessary evidence and documentation, as part of the approval process. 

Sin Yan Cheng, Senior Consultant (Risk & Safety) at BMT Asia Pacific Pte Ltd explains: “It was important that our risk and safety engineers, who have extensive experience in conducting QRAs, identified and considered all risks which could potentially impact the surrounding environment and personnel. More specifically, as the new m-LLPDE plant is to be located close to specialty chemical facilities on Jurong Island, the QRA had to accommodate these additional environments through the application of frequency and consequence analyses, thus providing a risk level for the entire facility.”

BMT AP Singapore 3Following the QRA, BMT has provided several recommendations to help improve the safety of the proposed m-LLPDE plant and reduce the associated risks to the wider population to an ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’, or ALARP, level. 

These recommendations included the possible relocation, or provision of blast or fire protection for the office building, where a number of personnel will be situated near the processing area.  

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