Materials Engineering and Testing

Our pipeline and materials engineering services team offers specialised engineering and expertise, research, consulting and software development.

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Aaron Dinovitzer

Vice President – Capability & Strategy Manager – Asset Performance Services


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Materials Research and Engineering

Horizontal measureThe suitability or interaction of materials are evaluated to support design, maintenance and forensic investigations. Metallurgical, weldability and mechanical issues are considered to ensure compliance with codes  and standards, enhance construction and repair solution success and reduce the potential for inservice degradation and failure. Experience and research- inspired expertise supports vintage and modern material focused design and repair solution development, specification and documentation. Stress analysis, material behaviour (strength, fatigue and fracture), testing and analysis are employed in root-cause failure analysis.

Full-Scale Testing of Pipeline Anomalies

BMT has developed full-scale testing facilities and procedures to evaluate the strength and fatigue life of damaged or degraded (cracked, corroded, dented, buckled or wrinkled) pipe.

Facilities and Resources

Extensive in-house capability

BMT also conducts leak rate testing to support consequence evaluation of through-wall cracks.The facility is used extensively to create and test dents (simulated and removed from service) with and without corrosion and weld interaction to evaluate fatigue life.