With many nations facing budget constraints, WYVERN offers a capable, credible and cost-effective SSK solution covering the full spectrum of demanding roles from ASW, ASuW, ISR and Special Forces to training and emergent tasking.

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Rick Cox - Defence

Regional Vice President Business Development

Alexandria, United States

+1 703 920 7070 defence-security@bmtglobal.com


BMT Defense Services has developed WYVERN SSK to meet the requirements of customers looking to establish a new submarine capability 
or to upgrade existing platforms to a more competent design based on 21st century technology.  The philosophy behind WYVERN places considerable emphasis on taking a simplistic approach to design. WYVERN’s design is based on a generic requirement set, underpinned by open source design standards, equipment
suppliers’ data and an assumed end user concept of operations. The use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), military off-the-shelf (MOTS) equipment and
allowing flexible equipment specification affords greater design tailoring to meet the varied requirements of prospective end users.

Building on BMT’s previous concept designs, experience and research into submarine availability and limiting energy consumption, emphasis has been
placed on balancing requirements whilst maintaining design flexibility to suit sovereign nation needs.

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