Maintenance management and program services

We employ skilled and experienced professionals to plan, manage and execute marine maintenance programs.

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Maintenance management and program services

We offer world-class capabilities to support public and private fleet maintenance and reliability programs. We offer effective solutions to support maintenance program management, reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), maintenance procedures, maintenance training and the hands-on execution of maintenance activities.

With many of our employees drawing on decades of deckplate maintenance experience, our teams understand how failures happen and that the probability of failure is never zero. Our analysts are skilled in the use of Failure Finding Analysis (FFA); Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA); Root Cause Analysis; Level of Repair Analysis (LORA); Logic Tree Analysis; and Servicing and Lubrication Analysis. We use a range of proprietary and industry-standard tools to analyze and determine the nature of failures, even in some of the most complex marine electronics and control systems. Our analysis is supported by the advisory services we offer to help customers identify and improve maintenance processes and procedures to mitigate or avoid future failure.

Our maintenance planning capabilities go far beyond development of static maintenance procedures. We continually review maintenance processes and practices to ensure that maintenance procedures are always applicable and effective. We listen to and incorporate feedback from the field technicians that actually perform the maintenance, and whose insights are often critical to the solution.

We are exceptionally capable of working with customer operations and maintenance personnel to evaluate systems and equipment using the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to identify failure modes and the proper maintenance procedures to prevent or mitigate failure. Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) tasks can then be selected to reduce maintenance costs and the number of failures associated with maintenance actions. CBM solutions may include current analysis, lubrication oil analysis, combustion analysis, temperature and pressure monitoring, corrosion monitoring, fatigue monitoring, non-intrusive visual inspection, wear monitoring and flow analysis.

We use system modeling to help identify design weaknesses and improve operational availability. We incorporate maintenance infrastructure modeling to determine where logistics support actions can be best used to improve reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM). Our modeling also helps to identify efficiencies and help optimize processes and activities such as parts provisioning and inventory management. The models we develop can either be maintained by our personnel or handed off to customer organizations, along with relevant training to help organic resources realize the insights gained from the models.

Similarly, our employees are experienced in developing and leading customized maintenance training courses that can help owners develop their in-house expertise in maintenance management.