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Our computer scientists, AI experts, and human factors engineers are helping our customers strategise, experiment and implement artificial intelligent solutions that can revolutionise operating models and processes.

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Simon Willmore

Head of Mission Systems/Head of Technical Information & Documentation

Bath, United Kingdom

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AI and automation

Our AI team of experts help our customers to strategise, experiment and implement AI and automation solutions. We have diverse experience working across many industries and delivering projects from integrating autonomous systems through to data mining and machine learning. We understand the complexities of humans interacting with this technology and we’re leading the way in helping our customers benefit from the relationship between natural and artificial intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence will transform the way businesses operate – automating and optimising business process as well as enabling a set of completely new services and operating models. At BMT, we help our customers understand this rapidly moving technology as well as where it will benefit them in a sustainable, responsible and accountable manner.

Diverse experience
AT BMT, we have a proven track record of delivering a diverse range of AI projects across different technology readiness levels by a blended team of specialists. Our teams are led by experienced computer scientists who draw on the know-how of human factors consultants, data analysts, algorithm specialists and software developers to form a fully integrated in-house team. Our machine learning projects have ranged from data mining, neural networking, integrating autonomous systems and deep learning. With such a diverse range of in-house skills, we’re able to tackle our customers’ most challenging problems.

Understanding AI and human interaction
We know that artificial intelligence does not operate in isolation, but interacts with humans and technology from across society. Because of this, our AI specialists work closely with our human factors consultants. Together, they have the experience and expertise to support our customers in understanding the impact AI will have on their employees and customers. This unique approach, of a blended team of AI and human factors expertise, have helped our customers analyse and implement effective AI-human teaming.

Leading expertise
BMT is the industry partner of choice at the University of Bath’s government-backed AI centre of excellence. We’re working with this world renowned institution to research and push the boundaries of artificial technology in areas such as ethics, reasoning, machine learning as well as autonomous systems. Together, we’re investing in understanding the relationship between natural and artificial intelligence, with a strong focus on sustainable innovation.