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Climate risk advisory

As emerging leaders in the field of climate change resilience and adaptation, we work across a broad range of sectors, including state and local government agencies, critical infrastructure, finance, health, defence, and security.

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Greg Fisk

Senior Principal Consultant - Environment

Greg Fisk

Senior Principal Consultant - Environment

Brisbane, Australia

+61 (0) 7 3831 6744 (323)

Ottawa, Canada

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Lee Hedd

Business Development Manager

Ottawa, Canada

+1 613 592 2830

US and Canada

Jaret Fattori

Senior Consultant, Climate and Environment

Jaret Fattori

Senior Consultant, Climate and Environment

Ottawa, Canada

Tracking carbon offset

As more and more countries declare a climate emergency, the global race to net-zero carbon emissions is essential. But equally, governments and businesses must prepare for new climate extremes by understanding the risks appropriately, building local resilience, and ultimately developing new adaptation pathways to climate change.

We provide bespoke services to help your organisation understand methods and approaches for carbon accounting and reducing carbon emissions.

Knowledge brokering and learning services

We can help you understand and adapt to climate change with a range of services, including translating complicated climate science and emission scenarios and allowing you to obtain and interpret relevant climate and hazard data sets.

We bridge the gap between science, big data, and best practice with training programs in climate risk and adaptation.

Climate change vulnerability and risk assessments

Thanks to our fusion of expert strategic planning skills and detailed technical assessment capabilities, we can support you through a three-pass risk assessment process from general awareness to a thorough understanding of exposure and risk.

Image courtesy of NCCARF

3 Tier Risk Assessment Process

Hazard modelling and mapping

We provide reliable, accurate mapping of current and future hazards across key climate issues such as flooding, erosion, sea-level rise, heat, and drought. We can help you represent climate risks through numerical modelling and GIS mapping outputs.

Flood studies to understand and manage flood risk

Resilience and adaptation planning

We do more than assess the physical risks of climate change - we engage with investors and insurers to develop practical solutions.

We have a wealth of experience developing climate regulatory instruments, policy development, adaptation plans and associated guidelines.

  • Climate Risk Tools for Households and Small Businesses
    These tools developed for State and Local Governments provide practical advice for householders and small businesses to quickly and easily assess their climate risk and develop local solutions.
  • Guidelines for Climate Risk and Coastal Transport Infrastructure
    These national guidelines outline how road, rail, port and airports can assess and respond to coastal climate risk challenges.
  • Guidelines for Hospitals and the Health sector
    These guidelines advise the health sector around the future risks and adaptation pathways for dealing with climate-related human health issues.
  • Asset Management Risk (AMR) Tool
    Our AMR tool provides an online and clickable spatial asset vulnerability tool using ArcGIS storyboard. It stores information on risks to physical assets from future climate change and can track change over the design life of the infrastructure.

Greenhouse gas accounting and decarbonisation advice

We conduct greenhouse gas assessments and audits and make practical recommendations for reducing carbon emissions.

We can help you achieve accredited ratings for facilities and infrastructure and provide practical advice to reduce energy and water usage, resulting in high cost and environmental benefits.

Blue carbon credits and offsetting

We have worked in the blue carbon space for over 50 years. As momentum grows globally toward more and better use of coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, saltmarsh and seagrass ecosystems as highly effective carbon sinks, we can help you undertake carbon accounting assessments for natural ecosystems as well as designing and implementing large scale restoration and rehabilitation programmes that generate carbon credits.

Our expertise is also well demonstrated in the area of coral reef restoration and rehabilitation, assisting island conservation managers across the Pacific and Indian Oceans to build resilience and restore these critical marine ecosystems.


Climate risk management

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