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Our knowledge of submarine design, availability and reliability, enables efficient solutions to complex problems.

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Paul Burke

Business Development Manager - Submarines

Bath, UK

Submarines represent the most complex of engineering machines operating in the most challenging environment, in which other underwater systems are also employed.  We help you navigate that complexity, bringing a whole enterprise perspective to the many technical and contractual issues involved and building a complete understanding of engineering, quality, safety, availability, costs and risks.

We use our operations experience and technical ability to deliver practical solutions, and we assure the effectiveness of those solutions through our domain, safety, and regulatory knowledge.

We understand the submarine and underwater systems ethos and bring a working style that is collaborative and collegiate, working to promote the common good by improving the interfaces between the many parties required to address complex acquisition programmes.

We remain flexible and agile, flexing to meet different demands across the project lifecycle and responding to the budget and approval delays and emerging issues common on such complex programmes.

In-depth knowledge for defence

Our in-depth knowledge of the defence environment enables us to apply cutting-edge thinking and technology solutions to complex defence projects. By not being directly involved in manufacturing or construction, we can provide an independent view across all activities. Our services range from supporting improvements at policy level through to assisting governments and their suppliers to respond effectively to safety and environmental issues associated with specific projects.

Underwater systems

Our knowledge of subsea logistics, accessibility and reliability enables cost-effective solutions to complex problems.  We can support subsea equipment planning and engineering studies.


Submarine Design & Engineering Course

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COMPASS+ leverages more than 30 years of excellence in submarine engineering. 

Using a combined set of commercial and customized components, COMPASS+ is a unique design and capability tool that integrates structures, electrical capability and safety features to analyse tangible design outcomes.   

Designed to demonstrate the capability of a platform as delivered by the fitted and planned systems on the vessel, COMPASS+ takes into account fit opportunities and evolving threat characteristics. COMPASS+ allows users to rapidly assess the impact of design changes to function, architectural elements, and system addition/removal on overall submarine capability.

Our submarine programmes

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Submarine Institute of Australia

The Institute exists to promote informed discussion and research in submarine operations, engineering, history and commercial sub-sea engineering - otherwise known as submarine matters.

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Society for Underwater Technology

A multidisciplinary learned society bringing together organisations and individuals with a common interest in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering.

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