Environmental consultants wading in to the sea to conduct tests

BMT use of photographs and video material

Information on the processing of personal data in the form of photographs and video by BMT operating companies

During all our events usually, many photographs are taken by participants as well as by BMT staff. On some occasions, we might involve professional photographers to take pictures to be used for marketing purposes. To be compliant with privacy regulations, we are required to collect your consent.

We might use photographs and video material for marketing purposes, specifically for

  • social media posts
  • the website
  • our brochures
  • newsletters (electronic or printed) and similar.

Please note that we never use any names or personal details in the description; the purpose of those photos is exclusively to document and advertise our events and activities.

Please note: We keep the material for a maximum of 10 years.

We will store all material as detailed in our privacy policy.