BMT Giveback - Khintla villager with livestock

BMT Giveback

BMT Giveback was born as a result of our desire to use the skills, knowledge and expertise of BMT’s employees to address global problems that impact negatively on people’s lives.

As an independent group with sound financial security and a strong track record in delivering world class projects, we felt confident that if we asked our people for ideas, they would rise to the challenge.

BMT Giveback aims to bring positive solutions to problems such as flooding, drought, housing, sanitation, energy supply and food production - to name just a few.

Ideas should clearly reflect the values and interests of BMT and its people; projects that build upon our reputation for insight and knowledge. These ideas should use BMT expertise for maximum impact and be deliverable in a 12-month timeframe.

Ultimately it is about conceptualising, designing and delivering solutions that will drive a genuine social benefit.

In its first year, BMT Giveback saw over 100 ideas submitted by staff and a project to build a sewerage system for a small village in India was chosen. To find out more about the village, its people and the system, visit the BMT Giveback website.

BMT Giveback

BMT Giveback

Visit the BMT Giveback website to read more about the project and its aims.

Visit the website