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Group Tax Manager (1)

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The Role

About BMT

BMT is a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. We're driven by a belief that things can always be better, safer, faster and more efficient.

Purpose of the Role

BMT has a rich heritage and many complex and interesting tax issues, some of which are sector unique and/or residual from the days when BMT enjoyed tax-free status.  The business has recently recognised the need to develop in-house tax expertise, partly in response to new and increased regulation such as IR35, OECD BEPS, Criminal Finances Act 2017 and Senior Accounting Officer compliance and partly as a result of inadvertently created tax issues.

During the initial period through 31 December 2021 the role holder will be required to address legacy tax issues such as overseas permanent establishments, the rationalisation of material long-standing cross-border intercompany balances, the recovery of significant tax debtors in the U.K. and U.S., documentation of the Group’s Transfer Pricing policies, Group Structure optimisation, development of a tax section within the Bid process and tax oversight of 30 September 2021 year-end.  This will be at the sole direction of the Group Financial Controller.

Thereafter, it is envisaged the role holder will become an integral member of the company’s finance leadership community, responsible for determining, implementing, and monitoring the Group’s tax strategy and mitigating tax risk whilst maximising tax opportunity for BMT.

The role holder will be responsible for ensuring BMT complies with the tax laws of all jurisdictions in which it operates globally.  This will include ensuring all tax returns are filed and payments made in a timely and accurate manner and keeping the business abreast of relevant tax legislative changes.  Should disputes with tax authorities arise, the role holder will be expected to resolve these in as expedient a manner as possible.The role holder will work with businesses, service providers, and other tax professionals in carrying out his or her responsibilities and will work collaboratively with the group’s financial management and third-party service providers.  The role holder will use appropriate professional judgement to determine when it is necessary to discharge their responsibilities via other third-party tax professionals and other such advisors.

On an ongoing basis, the role holder will contribute to the development of effective financial systems, policies and procedures and provide professional advice to the CFO/DCFO, the ExCo, the Finance community and the internal management organisations as appropriate.

Responsibilities and Tasks

In addition to these duties the post holder may be required to carry out such other duties as may reasonably be required, from time to time, to achieve the above job purpose.

 Authority, Accountability and Working Relationships

The role is responsible and accountable to:

  1. Group Financial Controller
  2. Member of the Finance Leadership Team

Required to forge effective working relationships with:

  2. Executive Committee
  3. Finance Community
  4. Internal management organisations

Key Knowledge, Experience and Skills

Employment Conditions

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to

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