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The safe management of floodwaters is crucial and we are pioneers in this field, with our in-house software tool TUFLOW now established as a world-leading numerical model.

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Flood hazard and risk management

Our detailed investigations can determine the exact nature and extent of flood hazard.

We can then help you manage those hazards, considering existing and proposed developments, community and social infrastructure and environmentally sensitive areas. With expertise across both problem definition and solutions, our clear guidance and highly professional staff support smarter decision making.

Hydrology and flood studies

Hydrology and Flood studies are often the first step towards understanding and managing flood behaviour, and our investigations can make sure that this crucial stage is not only insightful and comprehensive, but clearly communicated. Our technical expertise and powerful in-house software tools provide actionable insight for developers, governments and communities.

We offer the following specialist hydrologic and flood hydraulic management skills:

  • Flood frequency analysis
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling
  • 1D and 2D floodplain modelling (including TUFLOW)
  • Coastal lake flooding and dynamic entrance breakout analysis
  • Extreme flood estimation, including Probable Maximum Floods
  • Dambreak analysis
  • Real time flood forecasting and warning
  • Open channel hydraulics including unsteady flow
  • Bridge hydraulics and turbulence effect
  • Urban stormwater pipe network and retardation basin design and analysis


Flood risk and management

Our detailed flood risk management plans consider economic, social and environmental perspectives and are underpinned by our reputation as highly qualified experts in this field. As a result, our plans achieve a high level of acceptance from affected communities and other stakeholders. Where evacuation must be considered, our assessments take into account all the complex factors involved and use a GIS-based evacuation planning model to support execution.

We can offer the following specialised floodplain management services:

  • Development of practical floodplain management plans
  • GIS based flood damage and evacuation capability assessments
  • Options assessment for developments and structural mitigation
  • Cost benefit assessments of floodplain management options
  • Community survey, consultation and education
  • Flood risk and emergency response mapping
  • Consultation with town planners to better integrate flood planning controls 
  • Evacuation planning

Emergency management planning and response

Our experience of providing support at flood incident control centres means that we can offer valuable insight to emergency managers. Information from our flood forecasting software and assessments can be used to advise of likely flood impacts on critical infrastructure such as roads and prepare flood warning communications. It can also be integrated with our evacuation planning model or used to inform traditional evacuation timeline assessments.

Flood forecasting and intelligence

Flood forecasting and intelligence

In considering future events, particularly in the context of more intense storms and flooding events associated with climate change, the ability to forecast impacts and plan accordingly is crucial. We offer specialist predictive services and software solutions such as FloodIntel to help communities to identify and implement improvements to their planning and infrastructure systems.