Welcome to BMT Deep

the interactive asset data portal created by marine and offshore professionals for marine and offshore professionals

BMT Deep is the product of over 20 years' practical in-field experience in the marine and offshore environment

We understand marine structures: we employ numerous naval architects and ocean engineers and are a leading global surveyor in marine insurance. We understand the metocean environment and have our own in-house metocean consultants, models and data. This expertise, together with our offshore monitoring and data analytics experience, finds expression in a data platform that allows offshore operators and onshore analysts to monitor, review or forecast the performance of their offshore assets.

Big data, clear picture

store, manage, integrate, post-process and visualise vast data sets, fast.

Interactive and intuitive

explore a single asset or a fleet’s operational history through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Secure and powerful

store, manage and process data in the cloud

Fully customisable

ensure that the data you analyse is specific to your needs so that you can gain the most important insights within your timeframes

Verified and supported

data quality verified by our analysts and consultants who are also able to provide full technical support or additional insights into your data.