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Business transformation: from strategy to capability

We work with you to change processes, technology, and the flow of information across your organisation to respond to changes in the market or your business environment.

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Richard Page

Business Unit Lead, Justice & Security

Richard Page

Business Unit Lead, Justice & Security

London, United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7062 5838

UK and Europe

Ewan Glen

Capability Manager, Principal Consultant

Ewan Glen

Capability Manager, Principal Consultant

Bath, UK


We help you as you evolve through the complete lifecycle of your business’s transformation.  

We provide strategic consulting to clarify your operating environment, help you identify the best direction of travel for your business and help you define the organisational changes you need to reach your destination. 

Further along your journey, we can help you implement those changes by appointing Business Change Managers to provide various services and skills to facilitate your transformation. Our  pragmatic advice and assurance is designed to support you from strategy to delivery, tailoring best practices to your specific needs. 

We build successful, effective relationships, transferring skills and knowledge to bolster your organisation’s capabilities and create sustainable change.

Why BMT?

  • Develop your organisational design plan and manage the change
  • Establish and deliver your portfolio, programme and project management and control
  • Make decision-making easier and provide assurance for your outcomes
  • Help you build your capability to plan, create and embed change.

Advisory services

By providing strategic consultation for any business level, we can help you understand your operating environment from the boardroom to the floor plate. We work with you to help you get your business where it needs to be and advise and support you through every step of your organisational change.

We work for and with you to help you transform your business and anticipate future trends. We help you identify and face upcoming strategic challenges and design sustainable, bespoke solutions.

Our long history of providing expert advice across various sectors gives us a unique capability and experience. It enables us to offer blended, proportionate solutions that help you make better decisions faster.

By tailoring solutions to individual challenges, we ensure that every element of your organisational and strategic framework is ready to adapt and willing to work together to overcome any obstacles that may occur, both during and after implementation.

We strive to help you meet your challenges, providing advice through every stage of the change lifecycle.  We help you determine the most appropriate approach to deliver change and ensure that it’s supported by risk-based modelling to ensure confidence in the outcomes. From impact assessments to maturity assessments, we have the experience and knowledge to help you understand your business and develop a structure that can withstand unforeseen challenges.  

We have a long history of providing expert advice from day one to completion, ensuring implementation at each step and adding sustainable value to your business. We don’t just deliver change - we also embed it.

Business transformation design

By advising, supporting, and working directly with you, we give your business transformation the direction, strategy and approach it needs to help your business thrive well into the future.  From design to implementation, we use our extensive experience of the effective use of P3M and Controls to give you a bespoke and sustainable solution to improving as a business.  

Our hands-on experience allows us to design and recommend a blended approach to change tailored to your organisation and ensure that it can continue evolving with market and sector trends.

Every business has its complexities, and we help provide clarity about yours.  We cut through the layers of confusion in your ever-changing sector using systems thinking and business analysis to help define how your business and strategic operations can adapt and thrive. 

We combine all of your future operating model elements into a single, seamless design that integrates how you wish to operate and organise to stay at the forefront of business advancements.

Business change

It takes careful planning and control to ensure that change is managed effectively, efficiently, and economically. With appropriate business change techniques and a clear vision of the end state of your investment, your organisation can realise long-term benefits.

With our history, experience and practical know-how, we’ll support you at every stage of your Business Transformation.  From design to implementation and process improvement to large-scale structural change, we’ll help embed business change across your organisation, providing various services and skills to support you in the change journey ahead.

Our business change services can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of change programme delivery within your agreed business cases performance, cost, and time constraints.   

Our experienced consultants will help you define and deliver your transformation roadmap to create a business change strategy to support and develop the programmes and projects required to effect the change you need.

The key to sustainable change is practical planning and ensuring that adequate conditions and enablers are established. We support you from the initial development of business cases to implementation to ensure you gain the benefits. As well as creating road maps of the required change and conducting impact assessments and change and maturity assessments, we’ll help you establish your implementation plan.

We assess the maturity of your organisation’s processes and skills, check its compliance with standards and frameworks, and implement improvement plans to help deliver project outputs with confidence.

Tailored to your requirements:

  • Experienced change programme managers to help you realise the outcomes and benefits your business needs
  • Project managers, change managers and subject matter experts to support projects that deliver outputs to help deliver sustainable change.
  • Programme management office services that provide management information to assess the progress of your initiative.
  • Help to allocate resources to where they can deliver the most significant impact.

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