A mine warfare and hydrographic ship for the unmanned and information-dominated era.

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VENARI®-85 is a flexible mine countermeasures platform design capable of undertaking a spectrum of roles.

The design exploits the next generation of offboard vehicles, mission systems and operational concepts and can rapidly clear mines faster, over a greater area and with less risk to the crew than any current conceptual or existing design. The flexibility in the VENARI-85 design provides a navy with a broader utility and a clear development path to incorporate future unmanned technologies and operating concepts.


Working with mine warfare and autonomous systems industry leaders and operators from several navies, we established a range of operational concepts to clear a minefield or hunt individual mines; the spectrum was broken down into four separate concepts of operation:

The VENARI-85 configuration meets the challenges of modern and future mine warfare while delivering wider roles within a navy. Key features include:

Wider Roles

The inherent features of VENARI-85 provide a wider capability to a navy. The large working deck, mission equipment garage, flight deck and hangar, and the platform’s stability and self-defense capability are employable in roles beyond mine warfare.

The survivability features of the design are critical to modern mine warfare operations and enable the platform to be deployed in a variety of locations and in a higher threat environment than is possible with an OPV without accepting substantial levels of operational and safety risk.