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Marine Insurance and Underwriting

BMT has a respected history of delivering consulting solutions through the extended value chain of marine insurance and underwriting.

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Dennis de Bruin

Marine Director

Rotterdam, Netherlands

+31 10 4790311

Today, every aspect of the marine risks insured can be monitored in  real-time – hull, machinery, cargo, containers. Nevertheless, the industry relies on marine surveyors, technical inspectors and consultants to advise on claims and reduce risk.

In our view, the strategic priorities for the industry are:

  • Data visibility and automation for simplifying the value chain
  • Visibility and analysis of assets and risks – understanding of exposures
  • Agile underwriting and claims handling

We work with parties throughout the supply chain to advise on:

  • Losses incurred for individual orders/shipments of high-value cargo
  • Processing of cargo at the port of origin
  • Cargo in transit (shipment)
  • Assets in transit
  • Processing of freight at the destination port
  • Offshore asset protection and sustainment


Our REMBRANDT simulation software is the perfect solution for reducing risk and cost across the marine insurance value chain.  From highlighting the levels of deductibles to P&I clubs, reducing the potential of significant incidents for operators, improving port and terminal operations and generally delivering accurate insight to evolve loss prevention initiatives.

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