CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference 2020

BMT are sponsors of the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference 2020, 17-19 November 2020

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Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference 2020

We're proud to be supporting the Urban Drainage Group Annual Conference of 2020.

BMT is the specialist environmental consultancy behind the world-renowned software suite, TUFLOW, developed with a variety of 1D, 2D and 3D solvers for a range of applications including urban drainage.  User driven development is at the heart of what we do and has led to the development of a range of sophisticated tools to simulate urban flooding as well as storm overflows and impacts upon water quality in receiving waters. 

We collaborate with clients to provide clarity from complexity and are well experienced to solve intricate problems for global water utilities and government organisations. 

Find below more information on how BMT and TUFLOW, can support you with storm overflows, water quality and urban flooding.

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Water and Environment Capabilities


Urban Flooding

Water Quality

Pollutant Outfalls

TUFLOW's ability to link dynamically with near-field CFD diffuser model predictions makes simulating point outfalls - and their subsequent far-field environmental impacts - a core TUFLOW capability. Robustly assess the impacts of both dense (e.g. brine concentrate) and buoyant (e.g. wastewater discharges) plumes using TUFLOW's advanced algorithms, all of which have been published in peer reviewed journals.

Freshwater Water Quality

TUFLOW flexible mesh and TUFLOW WQ in 2D or 3D support simulation of simple to advanced water quality processes in freshwater bodies ranging from shallow urban lakes right up to large scale deep water supply reservoirs. Rely on TUFLOW's higher order mixing schemes to ensure sharp capture of important thermal stratification processes. Use GPU acceleration for rapid long-term multi-year simulation.

Estuarine Water Quality

Access the GPU-based simulation power of TUFLOW in 2D or 3D to accurately simulate the often complex interactions between estuarine hydrodynamics and water quality. Capture salt wedge, point source outfall and catchment inflow dynamics - and their ecological impacts - with ease.

Coastal Water Quality

Use TUFLOW’s advanced 2D and 3D hydrodynamic and water quality models to assess and understand all manner of coastal systems. These can range from simple flushing studies in ports and harbours through to outfall analyses and full simulation of higher trophic ecological processes such as seagrass health in coastal zones.

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