World Leaders in Ship Design and Consultancy

A leading independent ship design and engineering organization, BMT offers a range of capabilities to support customers in the commercial maritime sector.

BMT in Commercial Maritime

BMT is a global engineering, science, and technical consulting firm delivering services in the maritime, environmental, energy, and defense sectors.  BMT employs a global network of professional naval architects and engineers to support our customers around the world, with offices in the U.S., Canada, Asia Pacific, UK, and Europe. 

Global Partnering for High-Value Vessel Delivery

Through our network of offices and partnerships with global shipyards, BMT offers world-class services in both the commercial and government maritime sectors.

BMT offers a full range of naval architecture and marine engineering services as an essential partner for shipbuilding and refurbishment projects.  We support shipyards of all sizes and levels of sophistication, from small boatbuilders to major shipyards.  We can augment a shipyard’s technical staff or take on a lead engineering or ship design agent role. BMT supports the complete range of new design, repair, refurbishment, repower, modification, or maintenance availabilities. Whether concept design, class design, detail design, or production engineering, we can assist with:

  • Mechanical and electrical systems design
  • Structural and foundation design
  • Finite element analysis
  • ShipConstructor modeling
  • Production assembly plans
  • Corrosion inspection and analysis
  • Marine maintenance training
  • Drydock planning.


The Enetai catamaran ferry, delivered to Kitsap Transit, demonstrates the close collaboration of our global offices and our partnering philosophy.  Our naval architects and engineers from the U.K. and the U.S. offices worked closely together to meet the unique regulatory requirements in the U.S. 

Our team in the United States enabled the close working relationship with the shipyard, Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (NBBB), to deliver the Enetai, as one of the fastest vessels designed to meet the new US EPA Tier IV exhaust emissions regulations.  This demonstrates the benefits of blending our expertise in catamaran design from our offices in the U.K. with the knowledge of our local teams working with U.S. shipyards to meet regulatory compliance and provide critical local support.  Close collaboration between BMT and NBBB has ensured that the ferry performs to specification and was delivered on time. For more information on the project, please visit:

BMT’s latest passenger catamaran ferry is delivered to Kitsap Transit



Our Heritage in Ferry Design

We have developed a comprehensive range of both passenger-only and passenger and car (ROPAX) ferry designs across the world, ranging from small water-taxi vessels and commuter ferries to large seagoing vessels.

No two ferry designs are the same, with local requirements ranging from specific requirements for bike racks to statutory emission compliance.   Using our global network and partnerships with local shipyards, we have an unmatched reputation for providing innovative designs to meet challenging technical requirements, with our detailed experience of naval architecture in ferry design supported by local knowledge of compliance and performance requirements.

Examples of our global experience in ferry design and our partnering philosophy with local shipyards can be found here:

BMT as a Trusted Consultant

BMT offers high-value knowledge and expertise in a variety of consulting, technical, and program management disciplines. We are prepared to support owner decision-making and execution for a wide range of projects, including but not limited to: