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Data Analytics is the art and science of unlocking value in your data to support decision making. We are trusted by government and industry customers across the defense and security space to handle data analytics projects that deliver actionable insights.

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Rick Cox - Defence

Regional Vice President Business Development

United States

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Data analytics and insight

It is easy to deliver data analytic projects that focus solely on data and technology elements, but such projects are rarely successful. Data and technology are of course important to us, but we focus on the complete picture: the ‘who, what, why and how’ of a project.

To do so, we have built an agile multi-disciplinary team: from Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Big Data Experts, Cyber Security Specialists and Systems Engineers to Artists, Business Analysts, Mathematicians, UI/UX Designers,  Solution Architects, Software Developers, Human Factors Specialists, Mission Systems Experts, Platform & Asset Performance Specialists and Content Creators.

We use agile methodologies, allowing us to develop and deploy solutions incrementally which serves to de-risk the project through the delivery process. Just as important as our methodologies is our culture: we are collaborative and open, helping us to forge close working relationship with our customers.

Those customers also value our third-party independence. As an employee benefit trust, we do not have shareholders, leaving us free to invest in ourselves, our research and innovation and to share this with our customers.