We set out to reduce the costs of decommissioning by looking for every incremental gain that can be made, including in the approach to the management of drill cuttings.

Modelling and managing drill cuttings during decommissioning

Using BMT Proteus, we create an accurate, evidence-based prediction of the fate of accidental and intended discharges, offshore drilling programs and drill cutting pile management as well as an event’s environmental and ecotoxicological effects. This gives a fast, affordable way to meet the OSPAR Recommendation 2006/5 requirement for a defined management regime for offshore cuttings piles.

OSPAR's requirement can be based on criteria thresholds against which the pollution level that can be attributed to a historic drill cuttings pile may be measured, determining whether the level of pollution could be considered significant. We provide clear guidance on whether the drill cuttings pile is below the OSPAR thresholds for both (in their words) the 'total rate of oil release into the water column' and 'persistence over the area of seabed contaminated'.

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