Ship Evacuation Data Collection

Data collection for the Royal Navy using the Ship Evacuation Behaviour Assessment (SHEBA) facility.


BMT developed and operated a Ship Evacuation Behaviour Assessment facility (SHEBA). The 10m x 2m x 2m rig reproduces a ship passageway and stair complete with marine lighting, handrails, signage, etc. The rig tilts up to a static 20º angle of heel, simulating a vessel in distress.


In order to develop a naval version of the ship evacuation software maritimeEXODUS, the SHEBA rig was modified to incorporate naval ship configurations such as vertical ladders, steep stairs, a watertight hatch and watertight door.

Members of the public and experienced naval personnel participated in a research study in which times for task performance were collected.

Task performance included opening and closing the hatch and door and ascending and descending the ladder and stairs at various angles of heel.

The data was processed and passed to the University of Greenwich for inclusion in the naval version of maritimeEXODUS.


A report on the findings regarding the data collected on 300 participants was provided to the Ministry of Defence (UK).

The University of Greenwich Fire Safety Engineering Group incorporated the data into a naval version of maritimeEXODUS.

While the facility is no longer in existence the BMT team continues to support evacuation simulation leveraging the maritimeEXODUS software platform to conduct studies for marine customers.