Site Selection Study: LNG Re-Gasification Facility

BMT identified and documented key opportunities and constraints associated with each site and proposed areas for further investigation to mitigate risks identified.

Swan Energy Ltd (SEL) is in the process of setting up a LNG re-gasification facility (FSRU Concept) and wanted to examine the technical feasibility and costs of developing the same.

The Requirement

To establish the techno-commercial aspects of setting up the re-gasification facility and identify the preferred location for the terminal.

The Approach

  1. Review of available data
  2. Desktop review and evaluation of sites and comparing the same
  3. Identification of constraints and suggest further investigations to mitigate risks

Outcome and Benefits

  1. FSRU concept discussed considering variety of options
  2. Assistance provided in discussions with the port authorities and the state maritime board
  3. Detailed matrix of options considered for evaluation was presented and suitable recommendations were made

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