Hunter River Estuary Management Study and Plan

The Hunter River Catchment is one of the largest in coastal NSW, covering an area of approximately 22,000km2.

The Hunter River Estuary Management Study and Plan addresses management of the river and its tributaries to their tidal limits (up to 75km from the river entrance in the case of the Paterson River tributary).

The Study and Plan considers land uses and activities within the catchment insofar as they impact on estuary condition.

Through extensive consultation with the local community, the Estuary Management Study has determine the Estuary's values and the key processes threatening these values.

Using this information, the Estuary Management Study then has developed a range of practical management objectives and strategies, which can be implemented to protect and enhance the Estuary's wide range of values. 

Community consultation was conducted in multiple locations in recognition of the extents of the estuary. 

Extensive consultation was also carried out with industry and other user groups, as well as regulatory authorities regarding practical Plan outcomes.  

The Hunter River is regarded as the most complex estuary in NSW from a landuses and management perspective. 

The Estuary Management Study and Plan duly recognises this with a wide range of management strategies targeting on-ground works, education, and local planning reform.

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