Risk Assessment for Fire Services Installations

To facilitate client's fire services submission and approval by Fire Services Department

The Requirement

BMT has been commissioned to conduct risk assessments for the client to facilitate their submission for the approval of the Fire Services Department to grant a Dangerous Goods (DG) license for data centres and water treatment works. The fire services installations involved include aboveground/underground bulk fuel storage tanks and chlorine production process.


What We Delivered

In the risk assessments, both qualitative and quantitative approaches have been adopted.

We have conducted qualitative risk assessment, Hazard Identification (HAZID) workshops and consequence analyses to estimate the hazards associated with the use and storage of DG.  

We also employed quantitative risk assessment, assessments of failure frequencies by fault tree and event tree analyses, as well as software modelling of consequences to demonstrate the risk levels complied with the risk criteria in Hong Kong.


Outcome and Benefits

BMT has identified potential risks and has provided value added and cost effective risk reduction measures for optimizing the engineering designs for the future operation in terms of:

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