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Caloundra South Integrated Water Management (Queensland)

The Caloundra South site covers an area of approximately 2,400 hectares, and has been identified under the SEQ Regional Plan (2009 – 2031) as being contained within the Urban Footprint.

A master-planned community is proposed for the Caloundra South site, including a variety of land uses including urban residential, industrial, commercial, recreational, conservation areas and public open spaces. 

The Caloundra South site is located upstream of Pumicestone Passage and associated Ramsar wetlands.

A holistic approach to water management is essential for the proposed master-planned community to ensure that these environments are not negatively impacted. 

BMT WBM prepared an Integrated Water Management Plan, which described some of the main elements of the holistic approach to water management for the site.

The main elements Included:

  • Flood Risk Management Strategy: Describing what areas of the site are susceptible to flooding and what strategies can be implemented to manage the flood risk of the proposed development. 
  • Stormwater Management Plan: Providing a conceptual assessment and plan relating to runoff from the site and how it will achieve the given stormwater management objectives during the operational (post-construction) phase of the master-planned community. 
  • Groundwater Quantity and Quality Strategy: Providing an assessment of groundwater quantity and quality for the site.