From one of the world's biggest coal ports in Australia to ice breakers in the Caspian Sea to work with the European Space Agency, BMT has supported challenging projects of world class stature and significance

  • GETAWAY - Generating simulations to Enable Testing of Alternative routes to improve WAYinding in evacuation of over-ground and underground terminals

    The main objective of GETAWAY is to improve safety in transportation terminals through the development and trial of an Intelligent Active Dynamic Signage Systems (IADSS) for real time direction of passengers during the evacuation of a transport terminal in the event of an emergency.

  • Integrated Logistics Support Course

    A tailored Integrated Logistics Support course was designed and delivered to NAV CANADA by BMT.

  • Intelligent Platform Extension System of a railway, Hong Kong

    Intelligent Platform Extension System of a railway, Hong Kong

    In order to protect the passengers and their baggage from falling into or getting trapped between the rail platform gaps, MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL) the Mechanical Gap Filler at Lo Wu Station. During the time of implementation, this Intelligent Platform Extension System was the latest such systems in the railway industry. Passenger Behaviour and Human Factor Effect studies were conducted to ensure the safety of this new system could operate practically. BMT was appointed the RAMS Consultant of this project.

  • Land Contamination Assessment and Remediation, Disneyland, Hong Kong

    Land Contamination Assessment and Remediation, Disneyland, Hong Kong

    BMT as an Independent Environmental Consultant (IEC), co-designed and supervised one of the largest soil and groundwater contamination investigation ever implemented in Hong Kong for Penny's Bay and Cheoy Lee Shipyard. The Project involved a 6-month field investigation into the potential contamination caused by former shipyard operations on 19 hectares of reclaimed land on Lantau. The study included the implemention of the Risk Based Corrective Action methodology and included both human health and ecological risk assessments to evaluate impacts on receptors via pathways identified in the Site Conceptual Model. The final phase of the project involved the oversight of the decontamination works and the certification that the works were implemented in a fashion consistent with the requirements of the Remedial Action Work Plan.

  • Marine Integration Study for Metro Line Development, Dubai

    BMT delivered a Preliminary Marine Transportation Masterplan and an Intermodal Terminal Requirements study to identify the value of adding marine connectivity to Dubai's metro line development.