From one of the world's biggest coal ports in Australia to ice breakers in the Caspian Sea to work with the European Space Agency, BMT has supported challenging projects of world class stature and significance

  • Sebuku Mine Expansion Project Feasibility Study, Indonesia

    BMT was commissioned to complete a multi-million dollar feasibility study to assess the commercial, technical and environmental viability of the Sebuku mine expansion project in Kalimantan, Indonesia. The majority of the study was completed in-house, showcasing the broad range of specialist skill sets that exist within BMT Group.

  • System Audit of a Coal Handling Conveyor

    System Audit of a Coal Handling Conveyor

    BMT's work included: Preparation of detailed technical specifications for refurbishment of conveyors and supporting equipment, inspection and testing of conveyors and advice on extending the operating life for a further 20 years, review of tenders for refurbishment work, staged audits of the refurbishment work, and preparation of audit reports including detailed outstanding works lists.