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EBA for offshore activity near ecological estuaries

BMT undertook an Environmental Baseline Study (EBA) for Total E&P Indonesia prior to conducting the expansion of an oil and gas field at South East Mahakam Block, East Kalimantan Indonesia.

The Requirement

Located at South East Mahakam Block, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, the Delta Mahakam is full of unique ecological estuaries with lots of fauna (crocodiles) and protected species such as mangroves.

The area is considered one of the most resource-rich areas in Indonesia but its local population is one of the most poorest.

As oil and gas exploration and exploitation activity is predicted as capable to cause any impact to the community and environment.

BMT was invited by energy company Total to conduct an environmental baseline assessment (EBA) in this ecologically important area to ensure that the existing environmental

characteristics are understood and to anticipate possible environmental change brought on by such exploration activities.

Furthermore, the study result will be used as guidance in preparing strategies for prevention efforts and environmental change handling.

Our Approach

The environmental component data collected for the EBA includes geology, physics, chemical, biology, social economy, community culture and health components based on secondary and primary data.

Secondary data is collected from various agencies or relevant institutions in accordance with the needs while primary data is obtained from direct collection method by

sampling, field observation and measurement.

The EBA is prepared in accordance to the Work Procedures Guidelines, Special Work Unit for Upstream Oil and Gas Activities (SKK MIGAS).

Outcomes and Benefits

BMT's EBA expertise has provided the customer with an assessment that fulfills its business and corporate responsibility goals.

Our customer's satisfaction towards the work done by BMT is demonstrated through granting BMT three additional projects: EBA South East Mahakam, EBA North Sisi Bekapai and Jempang Metulang as well as an Offshore Monitoring Survey (OMS).

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