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Modular Control System - Independent Safety Auditor

Case Study - Aviation

The Requirement

BMT is the nominated Independent Safety Auditor for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence Estates Operations Centre for the installation of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Control and Monitoring System (CMS) at RAF Mildenhall.  The CMS replaces the extant Modular Control System (MCS).  The new CMS is required to support CAT II requirements as detailed in the Output Specification for AGL Control and Monitoring System, in accordance with the requirements specified in Join Service Publication (JSP) 554, UFC 3-535-01 and as recommended in International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Annex 14, Volume I, 4th Edition July 2004.

The Approach

The recognised mechanism for providing assurance that Safety Requirements have been met is through a Safety Case, in this instance using the IEC Document 62143, “Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes” standard.

The CMS is used by Air Traffic Control (ATC) staff to provide control and monitoring of the AGL and any road traffic lights positioned on the airfield.  The CMS provides vital information to the ATC, Ground Flight Ops and Engineering Ops, amongst others, of the status and serviceability of the AGL.  This is achieved through the provision of an AGL mimic console that displays a plan copy of the AGL and its status, including the road traffic lighting, allowing ATC input and control of these elements (often termed the master).  Additional consoles, with less functional inputs (slaves) can be located at key departments on the airfield.

BMT is employing an approach that includes review and analysis of technical documentation, supported by pragmatic and constructive ongoing dialogue.

BMT is assigned to provide ISA support to ensure that the contractor installing the CMS fulfils and achieves alignment with the mandated MoD policy and industry guidance documents, paying due cognisance to the projects timeframe and deliverable commitments.

The Outcome 

The teams within BMT are well versed and experienced in providing ISA support to projects of this nature and furnishing the Regulator with the assurance that the task has been completed to specification and within the parameters required by ICAO and the Civil Aviation Authority.


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