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State Maintenance Dredging Program Management

BMT has worked to provide an integrated service for the management of the DoT's Maintenance Dredging Program since 2000.


The Department of Transport (DoT) is responsible for the maintenance of its facilities which extend along the Western Australian coast from Wyndham in the North to Esperance in the South.

BMT has, since 2000, held the contract for project management of the maintenance dredging programs at these 20+ facilities. This work includes the ongoing monitoring of all facilities and periodic maintenance dredging to provide safe access for both public users and fishing fleets.

Work managed by BMT includes dredging of offshore channels, coastal inlets and river/estuarine channels , as well as coastal bypassing works undertaken with land-based plant.

Major projects include annual maintenance dredging at the Murchison River (Kalbarri) mouth, annual mechanical sand bypassing

at the Mandurah and Dawesville entrance channels, periodic dredging at Carnarvon, Onslow, Bandy Creek (Esperance) and Denham, and various dredging, weed trawling and sand excavation/bypassing campaigns.

The scope of works undertaken by BMT under this contract includes not only the planning, supervision, environmental management and commercial contract management associated with individual projects, but also overall management of the program.

BMT's Role

  • Co-ordinate survey monitoring
  • Undertake geotechnical investigations 
  • Obtain environmental approvals (including offshore dumping through the Department for Environment and Heritage)
  • Provide full project management from preparation of tender documents to the completion of the works
  • Management of the overall DoT Maintenance dredging Program and regular reporting of program status.

Services and Expertise Provided

  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Survey monitoring
  • Project management
  • Environmental approvals
  • Maintenance dredging planning and supervision
  • Sand bypassing works
  • Marine health and safety management.