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Detailed Project Report and Environmental & Risk Impact Assessment for LNG Terminal

BMT appointed to prepare a detailed project report for the marine facilities for the LNG terminal along with FEED for the marine facilities.

Swan Energy Ltd (SEL) is in the process of setting up a LNG re-gasification facility (FSRU Concept) and wanted BMT to prepare a detailed project report.

The Requirement

Preparing the marine FEED and preparing the Detailed Project Report

The Approach

BMT completed the pre-feasibility study for finalising the location of the terminal, carried out ship mooring analysis, hydrodynamic modelling, wave propagation studies and breakwater studies including quarry assessment.

In addition to the above, the FEED for the marine facilities was also prepared.

As part of the marine EIA and risk assessment, primary and secondary data collection for water and sediment quality and marine biology in the areas of interest was completed along with assessment of presence of sensitive and ecologically critical habitats.

Air quality modelling for construction and operation berths, impacts on water quality from dredging and breakwater construction were also completed.

The risk assessment for LNG handling included study of risk associated with handling and storage of LNG and transport through pipeline and assess the environmental safety.  

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