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Engineering Support Services to Polly Woodside

BMT has been providing the National Trust with a wide range of engineering services in support of historic Australian Ship Polly Woodside.


BMT was engaged by the National Trust to provide a wide range of engineering support services including docking, maintenance management and asset management for the Polly Woodside. Currently the vessel is permanently berthed in the Yarra River, Melbourne, and acts as a museum and tourist attraction.

BMT Approach

Prior to BMT’s involvement, there was no formalised schedule for inspection or monitoring of maintenance for the Polly Woodside. The engineering support offered consists of two main functions; 1) on-site management of the physical work required including the supervision of volunteers and contractors; and 2) off-site management of maintenance scheduling and the technical database through implementation of an Asset Management Plan and computer based management system.

Key Features

In utilising the asset management system, combined with coordination of labour and maintenance activities, BMT have been able to make substantial improvements concerning the management of the Polly Woodside including:

  • Creation of a Work Breakdown Structure to itemize and categorize the ship, workshop and dockside facilities (with the ship taking priority).
  • Creation of standard maintenance and repair procedures and guidance in accordance with good engineering practice and the requirements of the Burra Charter.
  • Population of asset management software with technical details of the ship, workshop machinery and dockside equipment, including skills and materials required.
  • Development of a forward maintenance schedule to assist with budget planning.
  • Regular reporting on progress of work at suitable intervals using the asset management software reporting functions.

Key Benefits

BMT’s engineering support services has achieved a leading maintenance management system and our involvement with aiding the organisation of labour and budgetary planning activities will ensure that the Polly Woodside can continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.